MOB Griptape


The #1 griptape choice of the pros!

No bubbles, no troubles.

Ridden by Franky Villani and legends such as Geoff Rowley and Daewon Song, you can trust the MOB.

Available in black.

9 x 33″


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MOB Griptape is known as the grippiest for a reason!  Their exclusive silicon-carbide grit is definitely the grippiest in the industry.  MOB keeps you feeling solid on your board with enough grip to control your most technical tricks.

MOB Griptape is also perforated.  That means that there are tons of tiny little holes throughout your sheet of grip. The holes allow for air to escape through the sheet while you’re applying the grip to your board.  This helps makes sure that no bubbles form while you grip your board.

For this reason, many consider MOB the easiest grip to apply.

Their team riders include pros such as recent SOTY Milton Martinez, Carlos Riberio and Mason Silva who trust in MOB.

MOB Griptape features:

  • A bunch of tiny holes so you don’t get air bubbles trapped in your grip
  • Exclusive silicon-carbide grit that is nice and grippy
  • High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof backing that’s easy to trim
  • Super sticky adhesive that won’t peel in hot Toronto summers or cold Montreal winters


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