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Blank skateboard decks

Blank skateboard decks in Canada: What you need to know before buying

In this article we’ll explore if blank skateboard decks are right for you.  Then we’ll talk about quality and help you find the right shape and size.  Finally we’ll share where to buy the best blank skateboard decks in Canada, locally and online.

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Why do people skate blanks

Why do people skate pro decks

How can you determine the quality of a deck

What dimensions should you choose

Where to buy blank skateboard decks online in Canada

Buy a quality blank deck now!

Blank skateboard decks multiple stains
Blank decks come in a variety of different stains

Why do people skate blanks?

If you love skateboarding and skate every day, branded and pro decks can quickly become unaffordable. To save money, some skaters buy top quality blanks.

Top quality blanks are made in the same factories as branded and pro boards.  These blanks are made with the same quality wood, glue and molds as pro decks.

Graphics are really cool and pro decks support pro skaters and different scenes.  But if you would rather save money, or just love the look of blanks, then a top quality blank is what you’re looking for.

A wall of decks at a local skate shop
A deck wall filled with branded and pro decks at a local skate shop

Why do some people only skate branded and pro decks?

Generally when we buy products, we use the brand name to determine the quality. Our experiences with that brand help us determine whether we trust the quality of that brand.

Top skateboard brands only use the best woodshops (factories where decks are made), so generally, we can trust that their boards will have good quality.

Unfortunately, blank skateboard decks are not branded, so we have very little information about their quality and where they were made.

Many blanks sold on amazon, for example, end up being of very poor quality and break easily.

8.25 blank skateboard deck
The natural wood grain on blank decks can be as beautiful, if not more, than graphics

How can you determine the quality of blank skateboard decks?

The only way to determine the quality of a board is to ride it.

When you ride your board you can feel how stiff it is and how it pops.  Over a period of time you will see if it starts to chip, delaminate or crack.

It is difficult to judge a skateboard before buying.  So what can you do?

Ask your local skate shop owner where their blanks come from and do research about the woodshop online.

If you don’t have a local skate shop or are having trouble finding good information, then follow our tips for buying online below.

Not all blank skateboard decks are the same. But they don’t just vary by quality, they vary in size, shape and concave just like branded and pro decks do.

How to measure a skateboard deck
This is the standard way to measure a skateboard deck

8.0 or 8.25? What dimensions should you choose?

The first thing you want to consider when buying a board are the dimensions.  Generally the width of a deck varies from 8 to 8 and a half inches but can range anywhere from under 7 and a half to over 10 inches.

Currently the most popular size  is 8.25”, but many enjoy 8.0″ or 8.5″.

The size of the board you ride will depend on personal preference.  As you work out your preferences it will become easier to pick out a new board quickly.

The dimensions to know are:

  • the width
  • the length of the board
  • the length of the nose
  • the length of the tail
  • the wheelbase
Concave of skateboard decks
The concave and the steepness of the kicks vary by board, experience will help you determine your preference

Mellow, medium or steep concave?

Skaters also evaluate the concave and the steepness of the kicks of a board.  This is the shape of the upwards curve of the board and the steepness of the nose and tail.  Generally they are evaluated as mellow, medium or steep.

All of these elements of the shape of your deck can affect your tricks and how your board feels.

So how can you use all this info to find a deck that you like?

Canada skate shop

Visit a local skate shop to try out shapes

If you are not sure what dimensions you prefer, the best way to determine if a skateboard has the right shape and size for you before buying, is to stand on it and see how it feels.

By visiting your local skate shop you can feel and try out different products before you buy.  It’s the only way to determine if you like the feel of a board.  Just stand on it and see what you think!

If you’re not able to visit a local skate shop or your local shop doesn’t carry blanks, then it’s best to find a trusted source like Ben Degros’ youtube channel and try to figure out what shape would suit you best.

On his channel you can find product reviews and lots of insight on the shapes of decks and how that can affect your tricks.  Make sure to follow his channel so you don’t miss anything. Here are a few good videos to get you started: mellow versus steep concave decks, steepness of the kicks and wheelbase explained.

Beautiful blue stained blank skateboard deck from Canada Skate Shop
You won’t find top quality blanks like this on amazon…

Buying blank skateboard decks online? Only buy from trusted sources!

If you can’t find what you are looking for in person at a local shop, you can try buying online.  Never buy from amazon or walmart etc. as they sell very low quality products.  

Look for the online shops of different independent local skate shops in your area.  Check their websites and call the shops if you have any questions about dimensions or shape, most shop owners are happy to help answer any questions.

Alternatively, you can try a trusted and well-know source for blank decks like Canada Skate Shop.

Blank skateboard decks in Canada in multiple colours at Canada Skate Shop
A sample of the top quality blanks in stock at Canada Skate Shop

Canada Skate Shop stocks quality blank skateboard decks

Another great source for blank skateboard decks in Canada online is Canada Skate Shop. Our shop, Canada Skate Shop has a great reputation when it comes to sourcing top quality boards.

We don’t carry anything we wouldn’t skate ourselves.  That is the true skater’s test.  Check out the shop here and take a look at our most popular blank decks below.

We currently carry 4 main shapes of blanks. The OG shape, the Shorty Shape, the Steep & Sturdy shape and the Blunt shape.

The OG shape is the first, classic and best selling shape. This is an easy to recognize popsicle shape with medium concave and kicks has some of the most beautiful coloured plys on the market. We love this shape, and judging by how many have sold, so do you!

It’s manufactured in one of the best woodshops in North America, and like all our blanks, is made from 100% Canadian hardwood maple.

The Shorty Shape is very similar to the OG shape, but with a shorter wheelbase. This makes the Shorty shape turn a bit sharper and spin around easier for certain tricks.

The Steep & Sturdy shape is also a popsicle shape, but with a steep nose and tail that give this board a lot of pop! The steep kicks are complemented by a mellow concave that feels stable setting up for tricks.

The Blunt shape is a shorter board with a big, more squared nose and tail and a shorter wheelbase. This is an ideal board for all types of skating. Medium kicks and concave.

The great thing about these blanks is that once you find the shape you like, you can buy it repeatedly from Canada Skate Shop, never having to worry about ordering a disappointing shape or low quality board again.

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