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Updated: What’s the deal with the giant concrete bowl at CJ’s skatepark in Toronto?

There has been a lot of talk in Toronto, perhaps elsewhere as well, about what is going on with that huge concrete bowl at the back of the skatepark. Bad news for old guys like me who just want to skate curbs and ledges, that’s what.

Adam hopkins hammers the bowl at cjs
Fact: Bowls are built by slowly hammering away at a giant stone until you get the shape you want.

To be honest, growing up we didn’t have skateparks and first time I skated transition for real was a busted up mini ramp in Stockholm, Sweden when I was like 26. But that’s a whole other story, and no one cares about my stories, not even my wife.

Just tell me about the f**king bowl at CJs

Ok, ok. Well truth is I probably know less that you, except for the fact that every time I go skate there, which is more often that you, there seems to be progress. If only the same could be said of my skating.
When you’ve spent your youth learning Muska flips and come back to skating and those are now taboo…. you gotta start somewhere again.

Now, about that concrete structure…

The truth is, and what I figure is going on there, is that they are priming this skatepark to be the host of some big annual competition somehow linked to the national glory of the olympics. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “non profit” park hasn’t received some big olympic dream sized subsidies, but I digress.

So long as I have a place to skate indoors, that is all that matters.

UPDATE 1: I realize that the olympics does not have a bowl competition, but in general, what I am trying to convey is that CJs feels like a place that is designed to create skateboard “winners”… that is all. Also, that is not a negative or positive affirmation, its all about personal taste. It’s good for growth to have family and performance oriented spaces.

My speculation that there are subsidies involved with creating this park is based on how close skateboarding and government funding has become. The two seem very intertwined when it comes to creating parks in Canada and that really turns me off, but not enough to keep me from skating in said parks.

What’s this got to do with Adam Hopkins?

Ok, so the bowl. It’s done, but you can’t skate it yet. But others can. Check out Vancouver’s own Adam Hopkins, who is helping complete the project, rip around the bowl.

Truth is, this thing is pretty much wrapped up. Word is that you’ll be able to skate it in days. They just need to finish up some of the carpentry and finalize building the surrounding platform.

This bowl could mean a bright future for the sick little rippers of the city. For me, I would have been happy with a couple manny pads and ledges, but hey, that’s just me.

UPDATE 2: I was at CJs this morning with my little dude and looks like the bowl is open!!! And you know what, I am kinda harsh on the bowl in this article, but standing over it today, I was like damn, this is tight. Now, when and if I actually skate it… that’s another story… but I am impressed by the scale of the thing and the ambition of the whole project in general. Respect to CJs.

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