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WFH - Out of pocket

WFH – OUT OF POCKET : Fun new skate film featuring Toronto skaters

Watching this flick made me feel nostalgic about being young and burning away endless summers skating and having fun.

Now these guys are a lot more talented than I ever was, so they must be having even more fun than I ever did, but yeah. That was the vibe I got from this video, not to mention some great and original skating.

I won’t give you a run down of the skaters and all, just check it out for yourself. Well worth it.

But before you do engage in watching this video, I have to warn you that there are a couple Blink-182 songs in this video… and that was kinda surprising… I have a hard time imagining people still listening to Blink-182.

I once had a friend who would sell me pot in high school.

Every time I went over to his house he would play me his latest pop punk guitar song that he wrote.

I would tell him that the song already exists, it sounds just like that new blink-182 song. He hated that.

PS. I don’t know what WFH stands for, but I saw this on their instagram and it made me laugh. I really hope this is what it stands for, because that would make me even more nostalgic about my youthful summer days.

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