Best dam skate blog

Welcome to the Canada Skate Shop Blog: “Best Dam Skate Blog” – So, what should you expect?

Well for starters, as this is being written and populated by @dadboard, you can expect a healthy dose of Dad humor, starting with the name of the blog. It was inspired by our site’s very Canadian and iconic beaver theme and some classic Chevy Chase dad humor.

Dad humour aside, this blog will be all about Canadian Skateboarding. I hope to bring you daily content that will get you amped to skate no matter the season.

You will find posts featuring Canadian skaters, posts about different scenes in different cities, Canadian brands and events etc. Basically if I see anything happening in Canada and it has to do with skateboarding I will post it here.

Feel free to share any content that hypes you up and don’t hesitate to send me your own clips if you are hyped on them! Canada Skate Shop is all about bros and not pros, lets hype up your local crew and your local spots!

This blog will also be a great source of news about the sick projects we are taking on. Canada Skate Shop is all about breaking down the hype and bringing you the best quality skate gear.

For starters I am placing orders with Generator/BBS woodshop to bring in top quality decks that are manufactured with the same wood, same glue and same molds as the top brands in the industry. Polar, Real, Anti-Hero… the list goes on and on. They all use the same woodshop and same manufacturing process as our products.

More on that to come shortly… the team has already been testing samples. We’ll have a variety of shapes available soon at very affordable prices.

On top of that we will be collaborating (yes another skate brand collaboration – what an shocking surprise) with skaters and artists across Canada to bring you top quality and innovative products.

Be on the lookout, announcements are coming sooner than later!

If all things go well and we manage to infiltrate the Canadian skate industry cartels, we will also be able to bring you the latest pro decks from all your favorite Canadian skateboarders as well as the latest releases from the top Canadian skateboard brands.

And if you want to know a little bit more about me and where I’m skating, check me out @dadboard and never hesitate to send me a message. Always excited to hear from you! Here’s a little edit from a skate session in Winnipeg not too long ago…

Stay tuned, there is definitely more to come!

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