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ben degros venture vs thunder

It’s Venture vs. Thunder head to head in Ben De Gros latest video – but the real questions is – what deck is he riding ?

Venture vs. Thunder, a battle for the ages. Once you watch this video, you’re gonna have to admit that this was a great one that Ben De Gros recently put out.

Now I won’t get into any of the technical aspects, I will leave that for Ben to dissect and believe me, he does a great job of it. But I gotta say, what deck has he been riding? He is killing it lately. Explosive pop!

It’s pretty tough to pick out just a couple tricks from this video which features a ton of skating, but when I saw Ben start attempting nose slides on this ledge I was like damn…

The ledge is literally thigh high!

Ben De Gros in Venture vs. Thunder truck review
How did you get up there Ben?

But then I looked a little closer and I figured it out. Ben’s riding the 8.0 Generator woodshop blank I sent him a couple weeks ago.

Ben De Gros loves Generator blanks
Look at the smirk on his face, he loves that Generator Blank 8.0″ !!!

You see Canada Skate Shop, just like Ben, is all about quality and top pop, not hype! So when we discussed what kind of boards we should be stocking for the shop, it was a no brainer to go with the same woodshop that the top brands are using.

Ben gets up and also gets down on this sick deck

Polar, Real, Anti-Hero and many other, just check out the slap woodshop thread for yourself. I’ve got word from the man himself, that he just loves the 8 inch deck.

But the thing is, we won’t be limiting ourselves to just one woodshop or one type of deck. There is lots of news coming regarding Ben and Canada Skate Shop…. but you’ll have to remain patient.

In the mean time check out his latest video and don’t forget to drop by the homepage and fill out Ben’s survey, he wants to hear directly from you and you could win a free deck – just like the one Ben is riding in his video!

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