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Toronto & Montreal featured in new Wrecking Crew video on Thrasher

The new Wrecking Crew video on Thrasher is pretty dope. Lots of thrashy skateboarding going down, rough ground and chunky spots. Guess that’s what most Toronto or Montreal skating is though.

Who or what is the wrecking crew?

Let’s break down the crew that hit up Toronto. Looks like Vans, the tween at the mall/hardcore skater shoe brand, is the thread that keeps this crew together.

Austin Kanfoush is a Pittsburg native and rider for Vans and Antihero.

Austin Kanfoush throwing down at some undisclosed location in Tdot. Yeah that’s right, I said Tdot, like Kardinal Offishal not the 6 like Drake. Keep it old school.

Tanner Van Park, Andover native rides for Vans, Real, Spitfire, Indy, Mob and Bronson. Here he is throwing down at Bickford.

Tail slide, something crazy out

Leon Chapdelaine, Montrealer rides for Vans and Dime. Is anyone excited about the new gear Dime is dropping? Guess fleece sweaters is where it’s at, hope you skater boys enjoy dropping like 2 bills on them… now that’s what I call getting fleeced.

Next up we have Nick Michel from Vegas who rides for Frog, Vans and others.

I’m in a tree!

Perdo Delfino from Boca Raton rides for Deathwish and Vans to name a few. We’ll skip an image for him.

Cedric & Roman Pabich hail from Ocean City. They both ride for Vans, Indy and Spitfire. Cedric rides for Anti-Hero while Roman rides for Krooked.

Cedric, doing what he can to stay out of the Canadian sun

Ducky Kovacs from Modesto rides for Pizza Skateboards.

Dusty likes to get kinky with the crew watching

Johnny Layton, an older boy from Murrieta (where is that? California apparently) who throws down huge 360 flips down the blocks at Father John Redmond Catholic School, rides for Toy Machine and you guessed it… Vans.

3 Flip it!

Lee Yankou, Toronto native and pro for Heroin skateboards, even shows up to throw down a nasty kickflip over a nice sized gap.

Lee also known as Bruce. Hiyah!

Finally, just for good measure, I gotta give you guys a shot of the massive wallride thrown down right downtown at the foot of Yonge street.

Check out the video for yourself

Now that you know who was there, check it out for yourself.

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