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TJ Rogers board sponsor: Skate Mafia

TJ Rogers board sponsor is official: new pro decks with Skate Mafia

Have you been wondering who TJ Rogers board sponsor would be after he left Blind? If you’ve been following TJ Rogers’ Instagram account, it will come as no surprise, but it’s now official.

TJ has two new pro decks out with Skate Mafia. They’re not up on the Skate Mafia website yet, neither is TJ’s profile, but he recently posted this, swipe through to see both pro models:

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Une publication partagée par Tj Rogers (@tjrogers)

You gotta admit the deck with TJ just straight stoop chillin on the CN tower is pretty dope.

TJ and Skate Mafia also dropped a part for the occasion. Make sure to check it out below.

Go pick up these decks when they hit local shops and support TJ and TJ Rogers board sponsor, Skate Mafia.

And if you’re looking to get some speed while giving TJ his respect as one of the best Canadian pros out there, make sure to grab some of his bearings.

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