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Skateboard history “accurately” depicted at Toronto Science Centre

The Toronto Science Centre is a great place spend the day with the fam. I was pleasantly surprised on my last visit there to notice a pretty great skateboard display. I really appreciate the vintage boards from the 50s and 60s.

Beautiful toronto science centre
Science Centre is a good place to take the fam or a date, or just go to learn some stuff.

They had some good info about the evolution of skateboard wheels.

Toronto Science Centre skateboard wheel display
They covered metal to urethane wheels, describing the advantages and evolution of different materials… very scientific

And also some basic info on how trucks work.

Lean left, go left, lean right go right

They then dove into some of the history of the sport.

Ah the 90’s… a magical and mystical time… street skating is the best

The 2010’s were glory years for going pro

But when we got to the 2010’s I had to chuckle a bit. According to the experts at the Toronto Science Centre, this is when skateboarding finally broke into the ranks of professional sporting.

beautiful 2010 history of skateboarding at the science centre
Display on the glory days of the 2010s which finally brought the sport to the professional level?

Take a good read folks, it was in the 2010s and due to the X games that skateboarders were finally considered pro athletes.

xgames allows skateboarders to reach the professional level.. according to science centre
As we zoom into the display we can have a laugh; thank god for the x games bringing back vert and enabling skaters to go pro!!!

But let’s all be honest, skateboarding had sold out long before that, it was during the 90’s that Mr. Skateboarding, Tony Hawk himself landed his famous 900 at the X games… and the first Tony Hawk pro skater video game emerged.

Yes, both those events happened in 1999, the year the 90’s ended and we all went underground for Y2k.

Anyways, if you get the chance, make sure to check out the Science Centre, lots of cools stuff if you need to entertain some kids… or skaters. Or just check out more stuff on our blog.

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