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Ben De Gros disco dancing across the flat bar

Recently, Ben De Gros likes it dirty & big

Well friends, it’s been official with Ben De Gros for a little while, but we still gotta talk about it on the blog to make it feel real.

Yes, Ben De Gros is collaborating with me but that has nothing to do with him liking it dirty and big… or does it?

Nah it doesn’t. I’ll get to that.

What we plan on doing together is creating some great custom boards that hopefully all his viewers and fans will love riding.

Ben finally made the announcement a couple weeks back while also exposing how filthy nasty the Vancouver plaza skatepark is. Check out the video below. (Skip ahead to 5:25 if you just want to see the announcement)

So yes, that is why Ben De Gros likes it dirty… because he skated the dirty park.

So does Ben actually like it big or not?

Nah, not really.

He did try out riding an 8.75″ in his latest video but it definitely is not his favorite. I was hyped to see he could still land most of his tricks though.

Now I got huge feet and I’m a big guy, so I ride big boards. I am no stranger to the 8.6-8.75″ range. Its fun to see him struggle on the board width I actually prefer. But also sad that his bag of tricks is still way bigger than mine…

Last note. Gotta say I love the style in Ben’s boardslide at Vancouver plaza. Disco fever baby!

Ben De Gros disco dancing across the flat bar
Disco, disco, yeah, yeah

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