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ishod wair cjs skatepark toronto

Nike SB edit is out – See Ishod, Yuto, Taylor and Nyjah rip CJs skatepark in Toronto

I was at CJs skatepark when part of the Nike team stopped in for the evening on their “Hopefuls and Nopefuls” tour. But so was my 5 year old son. So it turns out I didn’t get to see much skating. I did however see some pretty awesome jumps into the foam pit. “Look at me! Look at me!”

Ishod and Taylor were dope

Before being dragged to the foam pit, I did get the chance to see Grant Taylor skate with some serious speed and just rip across the park. He skates with intensity… but also seems like the most chill guy.

grant taylor cjs skatepark toronto
Grant Taylor with a big front side flip that scared the s**t out of that kid

I was also lucky enough to be front and centre for Ishod throwing down some dope front side flips on the quarter pipes. He looked like he was having the most fun. He even kept skating after the demo was over… which is awesome to see.

Ishod Wair – professional skateboarder

Everyone else ripped CJs skatepark too… apparently

Now that I have also seen the video, turns out everyone was ripping. Take a look for yourself.

More pros to T.O.

It was great just seeing what I could of these guys skating at CJs skatepark. We definitely need to get more pros coming by and doing demos. I hope that with Canada’s Skate shop we can throw some sick events that would attract the pros. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us on social media to suggest ideas.

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