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New Ben Degros Tutorial Channel: Just keep skating!

Just keep skating is the name of Ben Degros’ awesome new youtube channel! We could not be more stoked for this one. We’re gonna be seeing a lot more tutorials from Ben, clearly something a lot of us have been asking for.

He’s already started off nice by giving us some of the basics: a slappy noseslide tutorial and a no-comply tutorial. Check them out below and don’t forget to subscribe to Just keep skating! to not miss anything.

Slappy noseslides

A classic trick for every beginner and still my favourite trick for the fun factor!


Just like Ben mentions in the intro, this trick was a faux-pas back in the 90s. I never learned these myself, so time for this old dog to learn a new trick thanks to Ben’s tips!

Alright then! Hope you guys enjoy and subscribe to his new channel and Just keep skating!

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