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Montreal Skateboarders – Did they rule the Canadian scene in 2019?

Something to be said for the skate scene in Montreal. It’s pretty well known internationally now and I wonder, do we give the Dime crew all the credit for that?

I was lucky enough to be at their annual Dime Challenge competition which has gained quite the reputation in the industry and attracts some of the world’s top pros.

Check out these clips from Will Marsh and his intro to DC video. Man I love DC shoes, mainly because they carry a solid inventory of size 14 shoes on their website, but also because they were THE brand with THE team back when I started skating. Will is pro for Alltimers, the New York based skate co. and he is also part of the Dime crew.

And check Leon Chapdelaine who rides for Dime, Vans and Ace. Looks like he had a great year of skating.

Montreal representing!

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