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Lee Yankou reps Toronto in the new Heroin Skateboards “Earth Goblin” Video

At 30 years old Lee Yankou, who talks quitting drinking in a recent King Mag interview, is still ripping up the streets of Toronto. Gotta admit I love it anytime I see footage from Bickford Centre, or Christie Pits as we used to call this spot back in the day before they had a skate park across the street.

Lee Yankou 180 switch 5-0 shuvit out or something at Bickford

Riding for Heroin, Vans, Indy and Blue Tile Lounge he takes a refreshing approach to the streets of Toronto. He really tackles some awesome terrain. Love seeing him hit up spots under the Gardiner Expressway.

lee yankou kickflip late shuv
Kick flip late shuv under the Gardiner Expressway

Check out Lee Yankou’s energetic part in the recent Heroin Skateboards “Earth Goblin” video to see some sick Toronto skating.

Hopefully we will be seeing some more skating from Lee soon. Check back soon for more skate content to hype you up.

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