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Kolten Austin gets flow from éS

Another win for Red Deer tech wizard Kolten Austin as he gets flow from éS, one of skateboarding’s most iconic brands.

I reached out to Kolten as I was hyped to see his posts. Turns out that a rep had contacted the Industry skate shop looking to do some promos for the Scheme model.

Kolten Austin flow from éS
éS Scheme were first released in 1995

I’m guessing it must be someone from Timebomb Trading who do éS distribution in Canada.

So Industry let them know about Kolten Austin who put together a fun edit wearing a pair of fresh Schemes at Incline skatepark. Given the time of year this is probably the only place you could get a clip!

I love to see these old shoes being re-released. Though I never owned a pair of Schemes I did have a pair of the Koston 2s.

I was looking pretty dope in my Kostons back in tha day

But back to the point, Kolten’s edit must have impressed someone because looks like Kolten’s been flowed some product.

Its great to see AB skaters getting recognition and Kolten Austin getting flow, lots of talent out there! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Kolten and his crew, got a feeling, at the very least, they will keep the clips coming.

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