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Destructo Truck Review by Ben De Gros

This week Ben De Gros has published his highly anticipated Destructo Truck review. So what does he really think? Let’s break it down, why don’t we.
A recent social media post from the accounts of the Destructo Trucks

Since Ben gives such fair and balanced reviews I thought I could summarize some of the points in a pros vs cons type of way.

So let’s jump into it, starting with the CONS.

The cons, also known as the negative aspects related to a debate, also known as shoes worn by almost everyone at some point in their lives, I had a pair of blue ones, the low ones.

Destructo Trucks Cons

Right off the bat we can conclude that these trucks take a long time to break in, especially in colder climates.

King pin clearance was an issue, but this was the D2 mids not highs being tested.

Ben makes it clear for us that there is a light pop feel. This can be good or bad depending on how you use the trucks, but in some cases it can certainly throw off some tricks.

There is also a slight taper at the end of the truck that can cause unpredictable grinds on those metal ledges in some skateparks.

The trucks definitely run tight and could cause problems for those who like their trucks loose.

Now let’s move on to the pros.

You are only a pro skater if you were in a video game or won the x games

Destructo Truck Pros

They are good looking trucks with good pinch.

The light pop makes manuals easier and also balances out heavier or steeper decks.

They are also well made with plenty of base plate for slides.

How ’bout them apples?

Take a look for yourself and watch Ben De Gros tear it up on a pair of destructos.

Check it out for yourself

And just in case you missed it during the video… here is that glorious credit card…

Yeah that hurt a little…

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