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Chocolate skateboard team hits up all the classic Toronto spots and then some in latest T.O.N.Y. video

So it looks like the Chocolate skateboard team hit up Toronto this summer and tore it up. Geez, wonder how I missed that? Buried by work, fam, responsibilities and only skating my curb spot? Yeah that sounds about right.

I do though, remember what it was like to have the time to wander around downtown looking for new spots and getting chased out of the old ones. The city did look a little different back then though. A few less condos…

Ah… the Toronto of my youth

Chocolate skateboard team at the CBC

No surprise that the Chocolate team ended up at the CBC building. I spent a lot of after school days down at this spot. I haven’t been back for about 15 years though. To be fair, I lived abroad for a long time, but still… I think this summer I’m gonna have to make a comeback.

If you’re in Toronto and looking to skate this spot, its on Front street, just search for CBC building on trusty google maps. Don’t worry, no one is spying on your geo location and this spot is apparently still bust free.

Chocolate at the CBC


Fun fact: they used to tape a show called Jonovision here in the late 90s. If you’ve ever watched Trailer Park Boys, you’re probably familiar with a character called J Roc.
Lets be real.. everyone knows a J Roc

Anyways, before he landed that role, Jonothan Torrence was a small time Canadian celebrity with a talk show called “Jonovision”. They used to film at the CBC building and would come out and get us to sit in the audience. My buddy even ended up in the “Love seat” once…

Jonovision… true Canadian Heriatge

So why would you care about this? You probably shouldn’t. But I’m reminiscing on my youth so deal with it. Being in the audience of this show was my 15 mins of fame. People at school were like “yo, I saw you on Jonovision dude… that was lame.” and I’d be like “Yeah… but you watched it dude”.

Roy Thompson Hall and Chocolate Skateboards

Looks like the Chocolate team then proceeded up the street to the old up and over spot by Roy Thompson Hall.

Who hasn’t skated here?

Chocolate skateboards at Commerce Court

Chocolate at the court

Commerce court is another classic spot, but this was an instant bust back in the day. Alas, I have also not returned to this spot in almost 15 years.

To be fair I never skated the rails or the stairs out front. Never had that talent or skill. If I remember correctly there was a smaller set and some blocks in the inner courtyard. That is where we used to get chased out of on the regular.

TD is nearby too. Wonder if those big blocks still exist out there. Must be skate proofed by now… but I did see Bobby Dekeyzer recently skating TD in his Quasi video if I remember correctly.

There is more…

I could go on about the spot they hit at U of T which I have never skated. I could tell you all about the now skate proofed spots that were fun… but do you really care?

Here is the video. If you stuck around long enough to get here, you have earned it.

The video you have all been waiting for

Funny thing is though.. that the comments on this video may have been my favourite part.

Hahaha, I can relate to most of this…

Capone ‘n Noreaga

Really fun that they put at C.N.N. song in there. Do the kids still listen to Noreaga? I guess the Chocolate crew does. Suppose they’re kinda clever with the T.O. and N.Y. trip and the T.O.N.Y. song and the name of the video… i guess.

Is that guy still making music? Man he had a funny style where he would just say a rap and then repeat the rap… like

“Yo I had to bounce in the limo, get something to eat.
Yo I’m bouncing in the limo getting something to eat.”

Hahaha classic.

Anyways, you can hear the line here if you’re intrigued:

I laugh every time, I don’t even know why.

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