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Stafhon Boca skateboarder

Canadian skateboarders to follow in 2020: Stafhon Boca

Of all Toronto skaters to watch Stafhon Boca is definitely one to keep an eye on. This 22 year old Canadian skateboarder grew up in Rexdale and Mississauga and has Jamaican roots.

Despite CJ’s not being his favorite place to skate – due to how crowded it can get in the winter as he describes in his interview in Skate Jawn, I have seen him skating there this winter and man this guy has got a lot of style. Here are some of the clips he’s been getting at CJ’s despite all the scooter kids.

Here is another clip Stafhon recently posted to his instagram account. Make sure to give him a follow to see what he is posting this year.

Stafhon has also been featured in a recent video by Vans : “Courtesy”. He’s got a couple clips in Montreal skater √Čtienne Gagn√©’s part. Check out the whole video, pretty sick skating at some classic Canadian spots.

Keep an eye out for Staphon Boca in 2020. Hopefully we will get lots of clips this year.

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