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Ben De Gros 7.5" mike carrol reissue deck

Can Ben De Gros still kill it 90s style on a 7.5″ Mike Carrol Girl reissue deck? – check out the video

Having started skating in the 90s and being a 30 plus skater myself, I have been hyped on Canadian Ben De Gros’ youtube channel for a while now. One of his latest videos we see him throwing back to the days of pinners, when skating 7.5″ and 7.75″ decks was the norm.

I remember stepping onto an 8″ deck back then and thinking it was grossly oversized. I have size 14 feet and now ride a much more appropriate 8.75″! A whole inch wider than the widest board I used to ride back then!

But that being said, would I be able to go back to a 7.75″ and still get some tricks? I would definitely be hyped to give it a go, and that’s exactly what Ben did in this recent video. check it out:

And if you would like to watch the Girl video Ben is referencing in this video, you can check out all the sick lines in the full length skateboard film Goldfish right here:

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