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Bobby De Keyzer goes pro for Quasi with new Toronto part

Toronto (or Whitby if we’re being precise) native and pro skateboarder Bobby De Keyzer is announcing on instagram that he now rides for Quasi.

Does he have a pro model? Heck yeah!

Bobby’s already got a wheel on Spitfire and rides for converse so it’s no surprise he’s already got a Quasi pro model deck out and ready to go with the announcement.

Blue Tile Lounge, one of Toronto’s favorite shops, was stocked and ready to go on the news, which makes sense since the same crew also run Grand Trading… who distribute Quasi in Canada.

Looks like Bobby covered his bases in Toronto at least. Let’s hope he hits it big in sales, you know where to go get em!

Blue Tile Lounge in Toronto is stocked up with Bobby De Keyzer pro model Quasi decks

Toronto skate spots represented in Bobby De Keyzer’s new part

Lucky for us we get also get a great part which features tons of Toronto spots. You just gotta love these kinds of parts which rep the city. Bonus is his style of skating is great. He’s just got a great style and great flick, but why take my word for it. Check out his part below:

See, told you it was great. If that wasn’t enough to get you your fill, check out this recent converse video featuring more Toronto skating and what looks to be NYC, in this kinda cool, laidback and stylish video.

I hope to get an interview with Bobby for the blog, but we’ll see. I’m also wondering if he’ll show up to the Canadian Open in March? Time will tell.

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