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ben de gros shares secrets

Ben De Gros gets personal and lets us in on his secrets in recent videos

I’ve really been enjoying Ben De Gros’ recent video posts with him letting us in on more aspects of his life. Namely why he hasn’t posted that much recently and how he likes to set up his deck.

Turns out that Ben’s wife recently took a pretty rough slam and broke her wrist. You can bet that lots of skaters can relate.

What I certainly can relate to is that if you got a lot of kids and your wife is out of commish… you’re in trouble.

That being said, it’s great to see Ben doing some vlog style posts with tons of great skating, check it out for yourself.

Board set up with Ben De Gros

One of the things I really enjoyed about Ben’s video, is him describing how nice it can be to set up the same deck back to back. I absolutely love doing this. It’s one of the reasons I am setting up Canada Skate Shop. I’m hoping to give people a reliable source of affordable consistent shapes. That way you can order online and know exactly what you are getting.

But turns out that Ben and I have lots of things in common and you’ll be hearing more about that in the coming days. For now enjoy the video.

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