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ben de gros shares secrets

Ben De Gros gets personal and lets us in on his secrets in recent videos

I’ve really been enjoying Ben De Gros’ recent interview on the Nine Club podcast where he’s been filling us in on more aspects of his life.

Most importantly he gives us updates on why he hasn’t posted much recently and his plans for future videos.

Turns out that Ben’s still planning to create content going forward. He is burnt out on product reviews, and will instead create content that excites him.

We definitely miss the in depth product reviews, but it’s great to see Ben will continue creating content sporadically for us. For more info check out the interview for yourself:

Board set up with Ben De Gros

While recently browsing some of Ben’s archives, I watched an old board set up video. I really enjoyed him describing how nice it can be to set up the same deck shape back to back.

I absolutely love doing this. No adjustment periods, just fresh pop. It’s one of the reasons I created Canada Skate Shop. I’m hoping to give people a reliable online source for solid, affordable board shapes. That way you can repeatedly order decks online and know exactly what shape you are getting.

When you’ve skated for years, and lead a busy life, being able to purchase a solid shape easily online and know exactly what you will get is a huge time saver.

When I launched Canada Skate Shop, I told Ben about this idea, and he loved it. He decided to partner with me to launch the shop. Click here to learn how Ben and I selected the shapes and woodshops we wanted to work with.

Otherwise, check out the old board set up video here:

And don’t forget to check out our selection of quality decks if you need to set up a new deck.

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